Friday, July 24, 2015

Ink Pad Organization

What do I do on a sizzling hot Arizona day?  Organize my ink pads!  Craft Organization Guru, Jennifer McGuire has developed a system that works for me.  She uses a Swatch Book of 2" x 2" squares with each color stamped on and identified.   Free printable templates are available on her blog.  Once that was completed, I rearranged my ink pad by color, not manufacturer as they had been.  I found duplicate colors (sea glass from three different companies)!
Hopefully this new system will avoid that in the future.

My Distress Ink pads are right by my side in this wheeled cart my friend, Jan Woods, found on the internet.  Each pad has blending foam attached to the bottom with velcro.

I'm ready for the Online Card Class Background Check to start on Monday!

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  1. Looks so cool:) I wish one day to have my scrap corner :)))