Sunday, July 23, 2017


I got the new set of Distress Oxide ink pads!  Yippee for the bright colors!

That put me into an organizational mood.
I made new swatches for all of my Distress and Distress Oxide Inks using the templates from Jennifer McGuire.
I even reinked every one of my Distress ink pads!

When my new Altenew ink pads come I will do the same thing with them.
That means there are 12 new Altenew inks I will need to make space for.  The color swatches will help me compare inks and get rid of the old ink pads that have duplicate colors.

A year ago I had a conglomeration of ink pads and many duplicate colors.  (
there must have been 6 different ink pads in a Pool type color . . . my favorite!)
I wanted to focus on just a few brands of ink pads

I chose Altenew because they have four pads for each color going from very dark to very light.
It is impossible to choose graduated colors like that by just shopping on line.  Altenew does it for me!  And the ink is beautiful to stamp with and beautiful colors.
I have not yet invested in the Altenew reinkers.

I also love the Ranger Distress and new Distress Oxide inks because of the great techniques that are possible with them.  The new Oxide inks can also be used to just stamp images!  They blend beautifully AND I love the soft suede look they create.
I have all of them and all of the reinkers.

I also have some Hero Arts and Simon Says ink pads.  They fill in the color gaps missing from the Altenew inks.

While I have the Distress mini ink pads, I prefer the standard size ink pads.  I have some arthritis in my hands.  The standard pads are easier for me to hold.

Now with everything so organized and reinked, I can't wait to get back to stamping!

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